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Electronic Management Group


Welcome to the document archive.

Our intention is to make signing and delivering your documents is as simple and easy as possible.

If you need help, click the help tab and reserve a time for live assistance.

To that end, first and most simple is the PDF "Fill and Sign". We have provided step-by-step instructions using Adobe PDF Reader and the process should take less than 10 minutes. With this method, all documents are saved to your devise and ready for upload. 

Second, "Sign Online" which allows you to enter all data into the form which places it into the proper place in the agreements. With this method, the agreements are completed and copies are automatically emailed to you and all other pertinent parties. 

Due to space constraints, this method only works for the agreements and,  not the tax forms. To sign the tax forms, the options are the PDF "Fill and Sign" or hand signing.

Third is "Hand Signing" which allows you to enter the data on your devise, the print the documents and sign them by hand.

You can also print and enter all data by hand with this option.

After signing, scan and save the documents to your computer and upload them.